Just Control A

Spencer Hastings - 5x12. Taking This One To The Grave

I can’t believe this, she was my friend.

Mona Went Out With A Fight - Possibility of How She Died


I love the fact that Janel Parrish mentioned to Zap2It that Mona went out with a fight. It’s comforting to know that she put up a fight with her murderer, so I tried to reenact the events that could have possibly resulted in her death.

1. The murderer picked the lock with SouthOrd jackknife…


Still perfect.


Alison totally wrote the note for Zack.

The r’s, e’s, K’s, y’s are totally the same.


mona: she assembled the perfect group
aria: perfect for what?
spencer: for a  s o c i o p a t h to manipulate



I dunno why this came to mind but like… The whole Hanna ‘accidentally’ doing good on her SATs thing; what if Mona fixed her answers? What if Mona wanted Hanna to have a shot at Harvard or Yale or Dartmouth because deep down all she ever wanted for her future was to go to a smart college away from Rosewood with her best friend?

My heart hurts. #RIPMona

Rest in Peace Mona Vanderwaal